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Obituary and Funeral Services in Brunswick, Maryland

You deserve a service that truly cares about your loved ones and their passing. At John T. Williams Funeral Home, in Brunswick, Maryland, we truly care as we proudly provide the cremation services and funeral services your loved ones deserve.
Obituary Service
Honor your loved one with their life's story. Whether you choose to write their obituary yourself or have one of our writers word it, re-word it, or simply proofread and publish it, our obituary service will help you deliver a story everyone will remember.
Funeral Services
For complete funeral services including preparation, in-house services, and graveside services, you can rely on our caring providers to be there for you in your time of need.
Pre-Arrangement Plans
To complement our memorial services, we also offer pre-arrangement plans, which include what the final wishes are, whether there will be a full funeral or cremation.

For this service, everything is itemized and we will open up a trust account in the name of our funeral home. This way, when the time comes, all of your arrangements have already been made.
Contact us in Brunswick, Maryland, and let our funeral service give you the care you deserve.